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MTA has named the members of the Community Advisory Team! Congratulations to all finalists and thank you to over 200 community members who expressed interest. Meet the CAT Members below.


What is the Community Advisory Team or “CAT”?

Community Advisory Team (CAT) is a group of individuals who will bring voices and perspectives from the full range of affinity groups and neighborhoods living, working, and investing along the Red Line transit corridor. The CAT will serve as a vital link between the Maryland Transit Administration’s Red Line team and the diverse communities of the greater Baltimore region.

What is the CAT’s role?

  • Bring a range of perspectives from diverse communities into the Red Line process to promote the flow of information and ideas.
  • Share opportunities for partnerships with local groups/organizations.
  • Help identify community assets, characteristics, and needs that could be impacted by the Red Line.
  • Advise the Red Line team on approaches and methods for successful local engagement.

CAT Expectations and Commitment

While we hope that CAT members will serve throughout the duration of the Red Line project, we are asking for a minimum of a two year commitment.

  • Attend CAT meetings regularly and specialty work sessions or educational events that align with Red Line activities.
  • Collaborate and partner with parallel community involvement activities including internship, Station Area Advisory Committee and workforce development initiatives.
  • Join The Red Line team for occasional travel as possible.
  • Ensure the community is informed about Red Line development process and the decisions involved.
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Next Steps in 2024

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Spring 2024

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Member Selection

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Summer 2024

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Fall 2024

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CAT Member Selection Process

The Red Line team received over 230 Expression of Interest forms to serve on the CAT. The majority of those who submitted an Expression of Interest were qualified to serve in the group, but the CAT is limited to 25-30 members. The project team reviewed each submission and focused on the selection criteria of:

  • Representing underserved communities.
  • Representing geographic diversity along the corridor.
  • Attended a Red Line open house, outreach event or been involved in the original project.

The individuals selected to serve on the CAT met at least one of these criteria (and often more than one) and will represent the Red Line community.

As the Red Line project continues to move forward, there will be many ways to support and engage with the project and the community and therefore the project team hopes that those not selected for the CAT will continue to support the project through other opportunities.

Red Line Community Advisory Team (CAT) Demographics

CAT Member Race Distribution
CAT Member Gender Distribution
CAT Member Age Distribution
CAT Member Location Distribution
CAT Member Characteristics
Mansur Abdul-Malik Lucia Islas
Ayana Bass-Myers Bree Jones
Timothy Bridges Scott Kashnow
Sue Carlin Katie McRury
Anita Cathcart Derek Moore
Marita J. Cush Carolyn A. Myers
Greg Dewey Nadine Ngouabe Dlodlo
Ryan Dowdell  Lori Phelps
Sonia Eaddy Samia Rab Kirchner
James Footman Melanie Scheirer
Manny Grogan Cynthia Shaw
Ginger Hanson Bernard K. Sims
Howard V Hughes Minister Glenn Smith

Have a question about the CAT?

You can reach out to our team with questions by emailing us at or calling us at (443) 475-0687 and leave us a voicemail.